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Searching for HUSK, FUGITT, CAIN, KUSEK, and KENDZIERSKI family members.

Welcome to the home page for John Husk and Laura Kusek Husk.  Help us in our genealogy search to find Husk, Fugitt, Cain, Kusek, and Kendzierski family members.  We reside in Sterling Heights, Michigan with our three daughters. The primary reason for establishing this page was to provide a place to post our Family Trees.  Click on the "Learn About Us" page to learn about our heritage and to view our Family Trees.  We are always looking for more relatives to add to the Husk, Fugitt, Cain, Kusek, & Kendzierski Family Trees.  Thanks, John W. Husk


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The Beatles

  The early years as the Quarrymen


The Beatles 1961 (pre-Ringo)



Ringo -- July 7, 1940

John -- October 9, 1940

Paul -- June 18, 1942

George -- February 25, 1943


October 1957

John Lennon asks his friend, Paul McCartney, to join his band, The Quarrymen.

John will re-name the band the Beatles. He says the name came to him in a dream in which "a man on a flaming pie said ‘From this day on you are Beatles with an A.’"

August 1960

The Beatles play in Hamburg, Germany. Here, they begin to gel as a group. In Hamburg they cut loose and gain a reputation as the wildest band around. John Lennon performs with a toilet seat hung around his neck.

January 1962

Brian Epstein arranges an audition with Dick Rowe of Decca records. Rowe turns them down, advising Epstein, "Go back to Liverpool, Mr. Epstein. Groups with guitars are out."

August 1962

Ringo (Richard Starkey) joins the Beatles. Pete Best was the group’s original drummer when they signed with EMI. However, the others felt he was not the right drummer for the band. George said of the situation, "It was either keep the old drummer and keep playing at clubs or get a   good drummer and make records." Epstein is forced to fire Best.

February 1963

The Beatles record their first album, Please Please, Me, at Abbey Road Studios.

George Martin says of the first recording sessions, "Please Please, Me was the first time they showed they could write a great song. I wasn’t   convinced they could do it again. From Me to You changed my mind. It was a super song."

November 1963

The Royal Variety Command Performance: a nervous John Lennon tells the audience, "On the next number would those in the cheap seats clap   their hands? The rest of you (the Queen and other Royals) …rattle your jewelry."

February 1964

The Beatles’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show causes a sensation. Beatlemania explodes across North America.

Ed Sullivan on the Beatles: "I have never seen any scene to compare with the bedlam that was occasioned with their debut.  It was indescribable. "

In New York, Bob Dylan introduces them to marijuana at their hotel after a concert. While smoking up, Dylan asks them, "Don’t you guys sing ‘I   get high, I get high’ in that song?" John corrects him, "That was ‘I can ‘t hide.’"

June 1965

Yesterday is recorded at Abbey Road Studios. It will become the most recorded pop song ever with more than 400 artists covering the song.

Paul McCartney on Yesterday: "I had a piano at my bedside, and I must have dreamed it, because I tumbled out of bed and put my hands on the   piano keys, and I had the tune in my head. It was just all there, a complete thing."

August 1965

The Beatles meet The King – Elvis. They hold a jam session that Paul says was taped. No copy of the tape has ever surfaced.


John Lennon sparks controversy when he says the Beatles are more popular than Jesus.

August 1966

The Beatles play their last ever tour date -- in San Francisco at Candlestick Park


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