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Searching for HUSK, FUGITT, CAIN, KUSEK, and KENDZIERSKI family members.

Welcome to the home page for John Husk and Laura Kusek Husk.  Help us in our genealogy search to find Husk, Fugitt, Cain, Kusek, and Kendzierski family members.  We reside in Sterling Heights, Michigan with our three daughters. The primary reason for establishing this page was to provide a place to post our Family Trees.  Click on the "Learn About Us" page to learn about our heritage and to view our Family Trees.  We are always looking for more relatives to add to the Husk, Fugitt, Cain, Kusek, & Kendzierski Family Trees.  Thanks, John W. Husk


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           MAC CHAMPIONS November 30, 2006


        MOTOR CITY BOWL CHAMPIONS December 26, 2006


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Congratulations to Christine!!  CMU Graduation was May 08, 2004!!!

        FIRE UP for Colleen!!!  A MARCHING CHIP in 2006 and 2007!!!!



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        Alum to be with Proud Alum  (08-31-2006)



        Tailgating with Mom  (09-16-2006)



        Tailgating 09-16-2006



        Homecoming (10-14-2006)   They smell a tree..



        Homecoming (10-14-2006)   I smell a VICTORY..



        Central vs. Michigan (09-09-2006)


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